How to price match in Canada

When a retailer has a price matching policy, it means that they agree to match the price of a competitor if it’s sold at a lower price. In regard to electronics and computer parts, some retailers will beat the difference in price by up to 25%, or match the shipping costs or bundle deals. The usual conditions are that the product model numbers must match exactly and the item must be in stock at both stores. Below are some of the best places to price match electronics or computer parts in Canada.

Memory Express

As far as computer hardware and electronics are concerned, the retailer with the best PM policies is Its is the only the retailer that will PM and beat the difference in price by 25%. ME is also the only retailer that will PM combo deals and shipping & handling. For example, if is having a special sale on a motherboard and CPU bundle for $300 w/ free shipping and the same items can be purchased individually at ME for $400 +$5 shipping costs. ME will sell it to you for $275 w/ free shipping ($400 – $300 = $100 * 25% = $25, $300 – $25 = $275). It is very easy to PM at ME, add your items to the shipping cart, view the shopping cart and click “Price Beat Request”, enter in the competitor’s price along with a URL of the advertised price. If you would like to PM a bundle or shipping costs, please make sure to add all of the items and write a comment in the comment field that you would like to PM a bundle or shipping costs. If the PM requests are approved, you should receive an email in the next few hours. ME is very good at honouring PM requests. We buy most of our computer hardware from ME and we’ve never had any problems. Some reviews here.

Official price matching policy: ME’s official price matching policies is available here.

Price protection: Memory Express will honour price adjustment opportunities for up to 7 days after your initial purchase.

Score: I give MemoryExpress 10/10 as far as price matching goes because they offer the most price matching opportunities and they honour the majority of PM requests.

Best Buy / Futureshop

Best Buy and Futureshop recently announced that they will be price matching all online Canadian retailers in order to better compete with Amazon. Best Buy and Futureshop will match the lower advertised price and beat it by 10% of the difference. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to PM at BestBuy or Futureshop via their website. You either have to go in the store and present them with a flyer or a print out of the advertised lower price or call them. The ease of price matching in-store can vary tremendously from store to store. We suggest that instead of arguing, it’s probably much better to go to another store or try to PM by calling them at 1-866-BEST-BUY (237-8289) or 1-800-663-2275 (for Futureshop). The catch is that many electronic items are Best Buy or Futureshop exclusive models, therefore it may not be possible to find those exact model numbers at lower prices elsewhere. The manufacturer may give an item sold at Best Buy or Futureshop a slightly different product model number to avoid price matching possibilities. (source)

Official price matching policy: Best Buy’s official price matching policies and holiday price matching policies can be found here. Futureshop’s official price matching policies can be found here.

Price protection: Best Buy and Futureshop will honour price adjustment opportunities for up to 30 days after your initial purchase or until January 6, 2013 if the item was purchased on or after November 2, 2012.

Score: In regard to price matching, I give Best Buy/Futureshop 8/10 because they beat their competitor’s pricing by 10% and will honour most PM requests.


Price matching at staples is pretty much the same experience as at Best Buy and Futureshop. It’s painless most of the time, but it varies from store to store. You shouldn’t have too much trouble though. It’s too bad that Staples no longer beats the difference in price price by 10%, these days Staples only matches competitor’s prices. Therefore, the general rule is that you always price match electronics at FS/BB first and only go to Staples if it’s sold out there.

Official price matching policy: You can read Staple’s price matching policy here.

Price protection: Staples will honour price adjustments for up to 14 days after your initial purchase.

Score: I give Staples 7 out of 10 as far as price matching goes since they don’t beat competitor’s prices, but getting price match requests is pretty easy.


Other than MemoryExpress, NCIX is the only other retailer that allows you to submit your PM request online. However, unlike Futureshop, Best Buy and MemoryExpress, NCIX will not beat the price of competitors. They will only match it. The ease of price matching at NCIX is pretty good as long the price match request is not “below their cost price”. It’s really hit or miss. In comparison, getting PM’s approved at NCIX is easier than at Canada Computers, but harder than at MemoryExpress. (source, source, source)

Official price matching policy: You can read NCIX’s price matching policy here.

Price protection: does not offer price protection. 0 days.

Score: I give NCIX 6 out of 10 as far as price matching goes since they don’t beat competitor’s prices and getting price matches approved is hit or miss.

Canada Computers

In theory, Canada Computers offers price matching, but they apparently routinely reject/refuse seemingly valid price match requests because “it’s under their cost” or for some other reason. A lot of people have stopped trying to PM at Canada Computers. If even half the reports are true, we suggest that you try somewhere else for your price matching. (source, source, source, source, source, source, source, source, source). That being said, it’s still a great computer store. Some of the prices are quite good. Therefore, if you don’t need price matching, you should still check them out.

Official price matching policy: You can read Canada Computer’s PM policies here.

Price protection: Canada Computers offers 7 day price protection here (but not for price matching opportunities).

Score: I give Canada Computers 4 out of 10 as far as price matching goes since they routinely refuse price match requests, but some users have been successful at certain locations. Therefore, it’s possible to get a price match at Canada Computers, but it’s hit or miss (and you will miss a lot).

If you’re not interested in computer parts. Below is a table that we made of large retailers in Canada that offer price matching. The table lists in percentages how much they will beat the lower price (or if they just match it), if they offer price protection and what the return policy is. If the price protection is 0 days, just return the item and buy a new one at a lower price. Please only use this table as a guide as there are lot of terms and conditions. Please always refer to the retailer’s official policies on their websites as they may change from time to time. We have tried to make this article error free, but mistakes can happen. If you notice any errors, please leave a comment and we’ll fix it.



RetailerPrice MatchPrice ProtectionReturns
BestBuy.ca110%30 days**14 / 30 days
Blacks.ca100%30 days15 days
CanadaComputers.com100%14 days*14 days
CanadianTire.ca110%****0 days90 days
Electronicsforless.ca105%0 days14 days
freshco.com100%7 days14 days
Futureshop.ca110%30 days**14 / 30 days
Hakimoptical.ca110%0 days0 days
Homedepot.ca110%0 days90 days
Homehardware.ca100%0 days30 days
kitchenstuffplus.com110%14 days30 days
Londondrugs.com100%30 daysyes
Lowes.com110%0 days90 days
MemoryExpress.com125%7 days7 days
NCIX.ca100%0 days15 days
nofrillssupermarkets.com100%0 days14 days
pjspet.com100%30 days30 / 90 days
Rona.ca110%0 days30 days
Sears.ca100%30 days***30 days
sleepcountry.ca105%0 days60 days
sportmart.ca100%30 days30 days
Staples.ca100%14 days14 / 30 days
tbsstores.com100%0 days60 days
Thebrick.com110%30 days7 days
thesource.ca100%2 days30 days
Tigerdirect.ca100%30 days30 days
toysrus.ca100%7 days / 14 days45 days
Walmart.ca100%0 days14 / 30 days
Zellers.ca100%0 days30 / 60 days

* It looks like if the price protection is only valid if the item’s price changes at Canada Computers. There’s no price protection if the price goes down at a competitor.
** Until January 6, 2013 if the item was purchased on or after November 2, 2012.
*** Excludes Major Appliances, Sewing Machines, Vacuum Cleaners, Home Furnishings, Small Appliances, Furniture, Mattresses and Electronics.
**** You will receive 10% difference in Canadian tire money


Disclaimer: We are not affiliated in any way with any of the companies mentioned in this article. All trademarks are the properties of their respective owners.

  • beuh_jonny

    This is amazing. I recently tried to buy a 25′ HDMI cable, and love Monoprice, but their S&H are killer to Canada. What’s the best Canadian alternative?

    • Hippowise

      Monoprice is great, but shipping is a killer. I’ll look into and get back to you Jonny

  • Bob Strong

    Price matching is the best. My wife price matches everything at Wal-Mart. She goes through all the local ads then get her shopping done in one place instead of 50.