What is the best internet service provider (ISP) in Canada?

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated in any way with TekSavvy nor have we received any benefit from them for writing this article. All trademarks are the properties of their respective owners.

We usually have to do a lot of research for our articles, but this was an easy one. In our opinion, the best national ISP for most Canadians is TekSavvy. If you are currently with Bell, Rogers, Videotron, Cogeco, Shaw, MTS Allstream, etc. (the “Incumbents”), you should consider switching to High Speed Cable at TekSavvy. TekSavvy has been operating for over 14 years and it’s headquartered in Chatham, Ontario. At first, it was mostly geeks that signed up, but word has apparently spread because it now has over 180,000 customers (source). It is by no means as large as Bell or Rogers, but it is arguably the leading independent internet service provider in Canada.

What makes TekSavvy so special?

TekSavvy isn’t the cheapest internet service provider in Canada nor do they offer the fastest internet connection speeds, but it is the only ISP that we recommend. If you’re thinking about signing up with the cheapest internet service providers, you’re going to have a bad time. If you want the fastest internet connection in the country, it’s going to be awfully expensive (probably the same cost as leasing a small car) and you will still have a relatively small monthly bandwidth cap. In our opinion, TekSavvy strikes perfect balance between price, speed, support and features. For an example of wrong balance, Rogers is beta testing its Ultimate Fibre Internet in Toronto which has a maximum download speed of 250Mbps and a 500GB/month cap (no price has been announced yet). How long do you think that it would take for such a connection to reach its monthly 500GB cap at maximum speed? The answer is 4 hours and 36 minutes. The only people that would be interested in such a fast connection would be the people that download a lot. You wouldn’t get such a connection to watch cat youtube videos or to write and read email. Overall, we think that such an internet service package is pointless.

What are the top reasons why you should switch to TekSavvy?

We were going to write it out in paragraphs, but there were too many points. So we’re going to do this in point form if you don’t mind.

- They offer unlimited and high cap cable internet packages at reasonable rates source
- They don’t block ports (well, except for port 25 to combat spam) source, source
- They don’t engage in bandwidth throttling (traffic shaping) source
- They support net neutrality, they’re against UBB and generally fight for Canadians’ right for fast, affordable and reliable internet connections source, source, source
- They keep upgrading their hardware to keep up with increasing demand source
- They don’t oversell their bandwidth. This means that they stop accepting new customers in congested areas. Otherwise, overselling may slow down the internet connection speeds for existing users. They do this at great cost to themselves as they lose potential new customers source, source
- They support charities source source
- They setup a forum on their website so that users can provide feedback and help each other source
- They allow users to buy their own modem (unlike Bell, source, source)
- They keep trying to improve their customer support by hiring more representatives and by cross training reps to answer technical questions (to increase efficiency and reduce wait times) source, source
- Transparency. The CEO maintains a blog and is surprisingly candid about their network issues, hardware upgrades, facilities, employees, customer bases and even replies to comments. This kind of transparency is not something that you would expect source
- When there are problems, they admit it. They apologize for mishaps that affect its customers even when it’s not their fault. They offer credits to affected customers and even free temporary DSL lines source, source
- You may get free speed upgrades or a price decrease source, source (when’s the last time Rogers or Bell decreased the price of your internet package?)
- There’s no contract. You can cancel anytime. They want you to stay with them because you want to, not because you’re forced to.
- You encourage competition in the market place by not subscribing with the Incumbents. When there is healthy competition, consumers are the victors. When there is an oligopoly, consumers are the losers.

It’s rare for us to say positive things about an internet service provider, but TekSavvy appears to be an ethical company that actually cares about its customers *gasp*. We have used over a dozen internet service providers over the years from as far as Vancouver, to Montreal and to Toronto and we know how hard it is to find a decent ISP. Trying to find a decent internet service provider is like trying to find a decent mechanic. They’re supposedly out there, but they’re elusive. What kind of company is TekSavvy? This is how we pictured TekSavvy being started. We imagined a couple of university friends having a few beers at a bar where they’ve been sharing horror stories trying to connect (but unsuccessfully) to their ISP with their 56K baud modems. One of the friends has an epiphany, stands up and says “Why don’t we start our own ISP that doesn’t suck? An ISP that actually cares about its customers!”. If you fast forward 14 years, what you get today is TekSavvy.

We’ve been trying to think of faults in their policies or past actions in order to balance this article, but we couldn’t come up with anything. As with all large corporations, We are sure that there are some disgruntled users. Some may have had bad experiences with long tech support wait times or some may have suffered network outages. All that we can say is that having some problems here and there are unavoidable. We think that what defines a great company is how management reacts to the problems and we believe that TekSavvy is doing everything that they can to correct and reduce the occurrence of those issues.

Okay, you wore me down and convinced me. Which internet package do you recommend?

We recommend TekSavvy’s Cable 28 package for $46.95/month which includes 300GB per month. It’s one of the more expensive packages at TekSavvy, but it’s also the best value as far as cost per Mbps is concerned (please see the below table). With the Cable 28 package, it’s costing you $1.68 per Mbps, while with the Cable 18 package, you save $7, but the internet connection speed almost drops in half and the cost per Mbps increases to $2.22 per Mbps. If you look at it this way, the faster the cable package you get, the more internet speed you get per dollar. If Cable 28 is too expensive for you, we suggest TekSavvy’s Cable 18 for $39.95/month which also includes 300GB usage per month. We don’t recommend anything slower than Cable 18 as you’ll pay a little bit less, but the internet connection speed will drop very quickly.

Cable PackagePrice ($)Speed (Mbps)Cost per Mbps ($)
TekSavvy Essentials 324.9538.32
Cable 624.9564.16
TekSavvy Lite 732.9574.71
TekSavvy Express 1437.95142.71
TekSavvy Pro 1649.95163.12
Cable 1839.95182.22
Cable 2846.95281.68

Is it available in my area?

Fill out their online form here to confirm if the service is available in your neighborhood.

How much can I download per month?

In theory, with the Cable 18 or 28 package, you are allowed to download 300GB per month and you will be charged $0.50 per extra GB (same rate for all non unlimited packages) up to a maximum of $25/month (very reasonable compared to Bell’s $80 maximum or Rogers’ $100 maximum). TekSavvy implemented a two-month rolling average in February 2012, therefore if you downloaded 400GB on month 1 and 100GB on month 2, you’ve downloaded 500GB in 2 months. Therefore, the 2 month average is less than 600GB–the 2 month allotment. You’re fine. However, if you downloaded 600GB in month 3, you’ve now downloaded 700GB in the last 2 months (therefore, you’re now over the 600GB allotment for the last 2 months). If you go over the 2 month allotment, at their discretion, they may upgrade you up to the unlimited plan (for Cable 28 it’s $61.95 and for Cable 18 it’s $54.95) source.

In practice, they don’t really enforce the bandwidth caps as it’s based on the honor system (at least in Ontario). TekSavvy receives monthly reports on bandwidth usage from the cable companies, but there’s no web tool for the user to monitor their usage (at least in Ontario). Therefore, they tend not to charge users overage fees. source, source, source, If you’re in Quebec, you can check your bandwidth usage here, but you have to call TekSavvy to get your VL number, source. The general consensus is that TekSavvy is very generous when it comes to not enforcing the rules, but DON’T abuse them. That’s why we can’t have nice things.

What about upload speeds?

Starting from TekSavvy Express 14, you get 1 Mbps upstream. The upstream speed for the lower packages vary from 256Kbps to 800 Kbps. You may think that a fast upstream is not important, but if you ever upload high resolution photos to Flickr or Facebook, it will make a difference.

What kind of cable modem should I buy? DOCSIS 2.0 or DOCSIS 3.0?

TekSavvy doesn’t rent modems, so you’re going to have to buy a cable modem. It’s more cost effective in the long run for the consumer anyways. There are 2 main types of cable modems. DOCSIS 2.0 cable modems and DOCSIS 3.0 cable modems. DOCSIS stands for Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification which is a standardized technology that makes cable internet possible. TekSavvy recommends a DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem if you plan on using Cable 18 today or faster or planning on doing so the foreseeable future and DOCSIS 2.0 cable modems for the slower packages. In theory, both standards support 38Mbps, but DOCSIS 3.0 supports multiple channels which increases overall speeds. Therefore, we recommend a DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem for all users because 1) it’s not that much more expensive, 2) even if you won’t be getting an internet package that uses +18Mbps today, someday you may or you may get a free upgrade down the line, 3) DOCSIS 2.0 is +10 year old technology. There is zero benefit to buying a DOCSIS 2.0 modem except to save a few bucks. You will likely spend a bit more money today, but you will “future proof” your internet connection. There’s no telling how fast internet connections will get in a few years. Rogers is already testing a 250Mbps connection in Toronto and Moncton. DOCSIS 2.0 is a relic. Do yourself a favor and buy a DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem.

How is DOCSIS 3.0 different than DOCSIS 2.0?

“What makes DOCSIS 3.0 different from its predecessors is that it is able to support multiple channels and bind them together to increase performance.  More channels means greater speed, and there is a 4-channel minimum requirement for DOCSIS 3.0 approved hardware.  Each channel offers a familiar 38 Mbps downstream and 27 Mbps upstream, but there are no limits to how many channels can be used.  This opens up a lot of performance possibilities +100Mbps”

We’re still pining for a DOCSIS 3.1 modem, but it looks like if we’re going to have to wait till 2015. You can read more about DOCSIS 3.1 here on Cisco’s blog. Pretty exciting stuff! If you would like more information on DOCSIS 2.0 and 3.0, you can read this article entitled “Know Your DOCSIS: Get Up To Speed!”

Below is a list of the approved TekSavvy cables modems.

TekSavvy approved DOCSIS 3.0 cable modems

Motorola SB6120 –
Motorola SB6121 –
Thomson DCM 475 – STAC.02.16
Technicolor DCM476 STAC.02.50 HW Ver 2.0
Technicolor DCM476 STAC.02.50 HW Ver 2.1
Huawei MT130U V100R001C01B071 HW Ver 1A

TekSavvy approved DOCSIS 2.0 cable modems

RCA 245 running ST23.16.50
RCA 305 running ST23_1b_41
RCA DCM315 running ST31.04
RCA DCM 325 running ST32.0D.00
RCA 425 running ST52.01.02
Motorola SB5101N running SB5101NU-
SA DPC 3000 running FW v303r2390-090629a

I’m going to disregard the DOCSIS 2.0 modems entirely and focus on the DOCSIS 3.0 modems. Which one to buy? Just by reputation alone, my choices are instantly narrowed to Motorola, SMC and Thomson cable modems. We have friends with the SMC and Thomson modems and they’re happy with them, but Motorola cable modems are the gold standard. It’s what all cable modems are compared against. Therefore, unless they are out of stock. We suggest that users buy a Motorola cable modem.

What’s the difference between Motorola SB6120 and SB6121?

“The SB6121 offers an internal low-pass filter to filter out MoCA signals above 1 GHz, and thus eliminate MoCA signal overload. There is also a power-save switch for when the modem is not in use. The SB6120 and 6121 use the same firmware. Aside from that, I believe the only other differences are aesthetic.” (source)

If you’re interested, you can read thisthis, this and this for technical explanations. SB6121 is the successor to SB6120 and it’s ever so slightly superior as you may get increased speed during peak congestion times, but they are essentially the same in most regards. Therefore, we recommend the SB6121 if it’s available. It is currently for sale at newegg.ca for $99.99 +$5 shipping, but you should enquire first if TekSavvy has it in stock since you get a $20 discount on the activation fee if you buy a modem from them. At the time of this writing, TekSavvy is only selling the Technicolor DMC475. You can read reviews of the SB6121 here (+250 reviews) and here (+900 reviews). The reviews are very positive. Don’t forget that when you buy Motorola products, you’re also supporting Google. We’re big Google fans around here.

Should I buy a used cable modem?

Uhh, we don’t recommend it. It’s possible that the cable modem may have been blacklisted for abuse, default of payment, etc. Therefore, we would recommend against buying a used cable modem from eBay, Craigslist or Kijiji. The safest bet is to buy it directly from TekSavvy or brand new in box from a reputable retailer, such as newegg.ca. (source). If you are not buying a cable modem from TekSavvy, you will need to call TekSavvy to let them know what the MAC address is on your cable modem.

How do I sign up?

You can fill out their online form and they’ll call you back, but we suggest that you just call them since you probably have some questions to ask them anyways. This is how we would sign up with TekSavvy.

1) The first thing that we would do is to fill out this form here to confirm that high speed cable internet is available in our area
2) If it’s available, we would buy the Motorola SB6121 from newegg.ca
3) Once we receive the modem, we would call TekSavvy to sign up, give them our credit card information, let them know that we have our own modem, set an activation date, schedule an appointment for a Rogers technician to hook up the wires and give them the MAC address on modem (it’s the series of numbers on a sticker on the modem)
4) The Rogers technician shows up and it takes 15 minutes to hook everything up. We would make sure to test the internet before the technician leaves. The internet is now working.
5) Only now would we call to cancel our previous internet service provider. This may not be the most cost effective way to sign up as you’re paying for 2 ISP’s for 1 month, but it’s the best strategy if you’re trying to mitigate internet down time–which would be a death sentence for some of us.

What about DSL?

TekSavvy also offers DSL, but if Cable internet is available in your available, just get high speed cable internet. Users have reported various issues with DSL at TekSavvy, source, source, source (which may or may not be resolved now). Even if DSL works perfectly, there’s no real reason to choose it over cable internet as it’s faster and more reliable. We recommend that you cancel your bell phone line, get TekSavvy Cable internet and setup a lifetime free VOIP line using our guide here.

You don’t need to take our word for it. Read the forums. There are thousands upon thousands of posts regarding people’s experiences with TekSavvy

Official TekSavvy forums [new since August 2012, +4,000 posts]

DSL Reports [too many posts to estimate]

Redflagdeals [+4,000 posts]

TekSavvy: Yay or Nay? (self.toronto)
Teksavvy CEO: Unlimited plans back, 200gb plans now 300gb (twitter.com)
Blow me, Rogers. The Teksavvy guy is coming tomorrow. [pic] (imgur.com)
Finally made the switch from Bell to Teksavvy (self.canada)
Bell just tried to steal me from TekSavvy with this retarded offer. 2GB cap? WTF? (imgur.com)

Better Business Bureau (TekSavvy is not BBB accredited, but they received a grade of A+)

Closing remarks

TekSavvy is not perfect, but in this sort of industry, we think that they’re as good as you can reasonably expect. We’ve recommended TekSavvy to countless friends and family over the years and they’ve all been thankful.If you’re looking for a new ISP, you should seriously consider them. Read up the forums and post questions. Do some research before you make the plunge so that you can make an informed decision.

We wished that TekSavvy offered Cable Internet for businesses, but none of the independents do. We guess that there must be some sort of technological, contractual or regulatory roadblock. Business DSL is relative slow, expensive and you need an active phone line (or dry loop). What is this? 1999? High speed cable internet for businesses please.

Rogers announced that they will be upgrading its cable internet plans as of December 1, 2012. We’re really hoping that TekSavvy offers a 35/3 connection soon after!

Finally, if for some reason, you don’t want to subscribe to TekSavvy, you can research the pricing and features of other independent internet service providers at www.canadianisp.ca. There are a few other good choices. We’ve heard positive things about www.electronicbox.net, but it’s DSL only and it’s only available in Quebec and Ontario.


  • panda_tofu

    Great read! Thanks! Have you ever had any problems with Tek Savvy?

  • panda_tofu

    Great read! Thanks! Have you ever had any problems with Tek Savvy?

    • Hippowise

      Thanks! I’m glad you liked it. It’s been generally trouble free. I was once put on the wrong profile, so i was getting less speed than what i was paying for, but they corrected the issue and credited me for the time that i was under the wrong profile. Mistakes happen, but they resolved it at the end.

      • zm

        I’ve been having a horrible time connecting with TekSavvy since I recently moved. It has taken about 3 months. I finally got connected last week, only to have my DSL connection die a few days later. I don’t want to waste any more time with their tech support and having a bell tech come out, etc., etc. But what are my choices? Sounds like they may be the lesser of evils. I just want to connect!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1493666214 facebook-1493666214

    Nice review. Too bad it doesn’t really match what customers are saying on dslreports.com. A few years ago TekSavvy had a near 100% satisfaction rating, now they are at 85% and dropping. I really hope they turn it around. For my business, Start Communications is the clear winner. However, I would love to see TekSavvy to improve in their customer support, as they are still the better deal financially for those who want unlimited data transfer.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1493666214 facebook-1493666214

    Nice review. Too bad it doesn’t really match what customers are saying on dslreports.com. A few years ago TekSavvy had a near 100% satisfaction rating, now they are at 85% and dropping. I really hope they turn it around. For my business, Start Communications is the clear winner. However, I would love to see TekSavvy to improve in their customer support, as they are still the better deal financially for those who want unlimited data transfer.

    • http://twitter.com/jesseobrien_ Jesse O’Brien

      That rating is coming down simply because they now have more users. More users = more dumb people who will rate you badly on stupid things like “being on hold too long” or something similar. Their service and service department are still absolutely top notch.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1493666214 facebook-1493666214

        Unfortunately not. While there are a few stupid reviews, you see the dumb factor on every ISP’s reviews. Most of the TekSavvy’s bad reviews are things that would get me hopping mad if they happened to me. Still to keep things in perspective, Bell’s rating is just below 60%. So TekSavvy still has quite a way to fall before they are as bad as their biggest competitor. More likely the reviews on TekSavvy have been dropping, because of growing pains. Procedures work well with say 10,000 customers don’t work well with 100,000 customers etc. I can only hope they make the investments needed to support a larger customer base.

        • arahman21

          Plus is Rogers/Bell f something up, the customer will still see TS as the one causing it. And then add to it the ridiculously long time it takes for TS to get service from Rogers/Bell (which again the customer will see as TS being slow), and it’s not hard to see why someone won’t be frustrated.

  • http://twitter.com/tomcooperca Tom Cooper

    I have a feeling that most of the bad reviews of Teksavvy have to do with the pain of installation with having to use Bell/Roger techs.

  • Willm Morfit

    We use a 6Mbs DSL plan and that’s the only plan they offer and It would cost us $186 to switch to their cable plan (modem, activation fee, cable move fee). A good ISP doesn’t limit its DSL customers and then forces them to switch to cable for $186. It’s no the price I have a problem with, it’s the lack of DSL choices they offer! With an extra 10 or 15Mbs DSL plan we could save $186…that’s my issue with them!

  • albert

    no mention of Acanac the referral plan alone is a benefit for my taste. and then there is 295 dialup is still a choice for just emailing and looking up data. and audio. for budget reasons its 1 year of use for the price of 1 month high speed.

  • Jim

    I don’t know what you mean by they “don’t engage in bandwith throttling” because we originally signed up for a 40mbps cable internet and essentially got 5mbps and the service disconnects every 5 hours. We only have 2 computers.

  • Maeve

    I’ve been a Teksavvy customer for 5 years. At first it was great. But now its crap. The Customer Service is horrible, and getting your internet/phone hooked up properly can take MONTHS. Every time anything happens I have to spend over 3 hours and the response is always the same: We can’t do anything but send out a technician through Bell that may not be able to do anything and you will probably get charged $85. They do not read the emails you send them, only send you back a ‘curtsey’ letter that has nothing to do with what you wrote. They give you empty promises, and the same problem happens the next month. They are a HUGE pain.Sure the prices etc. are great, but it;s not worth it…

  • Snorkasaurus

    The only problems with Acanac are customer service and their payment scheme (pay for a year up front and jack the prices after the first year). The fact that they throttle you to half speed overnight sucks but it is cheap and unlimited. Teksavy’s problem is customer service. They are no longer the “little man’s ISP” and are starting to suffer from the same big-business corner-cutting crap that the big ISP’s do. Not too long ago there were even stories in the mainstream media about people having extended outages of Teksavy service. Was it probably Bell or Rogers that were sitting on their thumbs? Likely… but if Teksavvy was the digital savior that some people make them out to be, then they would have been on the rooftops screaming about the upstream bureaucracy that was holding them back. Sooner or later a big company will buy them out and it’ll be business as usual.

  • Mable

    I can’t tell you the best and they all have issues but I can tell you about my experience in Ontario!

    Tekksavvy is not “different in a good way” they are the same in a terrible way.

    Iknow that most companies are terrible today when it comes to reps that
    know how to provide customers service or who care at all but considering
    the small size of Tekksavvy and their motto I would think that more of
    an effort would be made to satisfy and retain customers.

    The problems:

    When we moved to Ontario we went with Tekksavvy because in BC our experience
    had been alright. But here we waited an appalling amount of time to get
    connected, more than 4 weeks, plus another week after they got to us
    where the service wasn’t working. Receiving no apologies from them, I
    checked and almost switched providers a few time as other companies
    could have connected us MUCH faster. I only stayed because the whole
    idea of switching was such a pain.

    Finally it gets connected and it doesn’t work at all for another week. I call in and Tekksavvy is unapologetic and not able to offer any concrete help — just saying to wait and see. Meanwhile our cellphone bills were outrageous due to data
    charges since we had to rely on our phone data for 6 weeks. And we are losing our minds not having internet for a month and a half! Teksavvy cost us hundreds of dollars just to get set up by making us wait so long for working service.

    Oh side note I tried to set if up before we moved but they said we had to buy a new modem. We had already bought a
    modem in BC but the Ontario Teksavvy doesn’t allow that one. Teksavvy sells them but they overcharge. So we had to wait until we got here and had time to buy a modem at a fraction of the price on Craigslists and only then would Teksavvy allow us to schedule a time to connect us.

    Getting their service was the most painful experience I have ever had with a company and then once things were set up there have been nothing but more screw ups.

    The next problem also began when I set up an account with them. I specifically said I would be paying by on-line banking. Yet Teksavvy took unauthorized payments from my VISA and never sent me any invoices. This is because the person messed up when entering
    my email and although the emails were probably bouncing back, nobody there cares. Mean while I am making payments through online banking by guessing at the amounts since I am not getting invoiced and calling in took me a few months — it really is a major inconvenience, I hate dealing with stuff like this.

    I am told by the rep that they have been charging my VISA and that if I have also made other payments then that’s my problem. I tell her that I have the bank statements showing it’s going to Tekksavvy and ask her to help locate the money — she refuses. The supervisor then takes no responsibility and again refuses to assist in anyway to locate the money — no empathizing, no apologizes
    and no attempts to resolve the situation.

    What happened? Since I never received any invoice I had accidentally paid money to my old BC
    Tekksavvy account. So the issue was caused by a combination of employee error (incorrectly entering email, not checking emails that are bouncingback), my mistake, and Tekksavvy Accounting in BC accepting payments to a closed out account and not asking any question. This illustrates again an extreme negligence and total lack of caring on the part of Tekksavvy.

    As far as the customer assistance rep and supervisor, all they had to do was ask some questions and they could have easily
    resolved my problem. For instance asking, “have you ever had an account with us else where” would have done it. Not to mention I was giving, what turned out to be the correct CID number for a BC account but the rep just said she couldn’t help. I would think she would have been able to look up the BC account with the numbers I gave her because that is what Cindy, who finally helped me was able to do once I realized the numbers were from BC. But that would have meant trying to be helpful, which her and the supervisor refused to do from the beginning.

    When I gave the number to Cindy she was able to help me out right away. It’s not rocket science it’s customer service, empathize, listen, find out how you can resolve the situation, do something to turn the experience around.

    So while I was on the phone with Cindy who was helping me, the manager, that I requested to speak to, calls and I ask her if
    she will call back in a little while as I have Teksavvy on the other line. The manager never calls back again. Demonstrating once again that at Teksavvy nobody gives a shit.

    Cindy emails to inform me that they have added the credit to my account and I don’t have to pay until
    Jan 28th, 2014 and that will be $11.14.

    A little while later I received the invoice for $11.14 due January 28th, but two days later I start to receive notices and threats of cancellations stating that I am past due for $58 something. It’s like one hand doesn’t know what the other is doing over there.

    I called just now and the customer service rep was unapologetic, did not recognize that an error had been
    made but just saw fit to remind me that I owe $11.14 (now 3 days past due since I didn’t have time to call sooner) — as if I hadn’t JUST
    told HER that owe $11.14! Why would she need to tell me!

    It was extremely clear that I was withholding payment until I could sort out the fact that I was receiving threats to cut off my service until I pay $58. But the rep had no ability to understand the situation, empathize with the customer, or resolve the situation (with an apology and some reassurance). She simply stated the payment hadn’t been applied to the invoice but it had been applied on the account, so she didn’t see what my problem was. The fact that accounts and the invoicing are apparently not connected there is beyond ridiculous!

    I am so frustrated with every single experience I have had dealing with Tekksavvy in Ontario.

  • Mitul

    WORST INTERNET SERVICE EVER! I am kind of so frustrated and
    their cancellation policy sucks. I got my installation done on April 4th 2014
    and internet disconnects on April 8th 2014. I am like what the f@#k I called
    them to look over for me and they are like we need to send a technician over my
    place to check out. I requested them to treat
    this as a priority because my
    work is depended on internet, so they told me Thursday April 10th 2014, will
    have a technician, they opened a ticket for me. Ok so now next day I checked my
    email and they re-scheduled a technician to come over on Saturday April 5th
    2014 between 8 AM to 11 AM. I am like this is so not acceptable this is the
    worst service I ever had all my life. I
    mean you take my money and I get a BullS***** I was really upset and then I
    waited for April 12th 2014. So guess what I have another surprise, the
    technician didn’t show up. I was like what the hell in this world is wrong with
    you guys TekSavvy, this is how you treat your customers?? They are telling me
    we have to reschedule another appointment to technician to come at my place. I
    am like this is the shitty service.

    So all together

    No internet since April 8th.

    1st Technician visit- 10th. No show

    2nd Technician Visit- April 12th- No Show

    So I went ahead and cancelled my internet service. And after
    my frustration I asked them to refund my monthly service, they are like, we
    can’t refund your because it’s a prepaid
    service but only thing we can do is we can just give you credits for the days
    that you didn’t use it for, I am like are you kidding me?? I don’t want your
    frigging activation money nor shitty installation money, I just want my monthly
    service money back. But again they are like NO we can just give you only
    credits only if you keep our service. After controlling my anger I just told
    them to cancel my damn service and my money went into gutter.

    TekSavvy you damn need to change your frigging policy and
    procedure for Refund if you want to your reputation because your reputation is
    going to go into gutter for sure, the way you guys are treating your customers.

  • Homey Don’t Play That

    The worst would have to be Acanac their speeds are nowhere near the speeds they advertise and then they are down all the time and their customer service is by far the worst I have ever seen in any company. it took me 17 days to get a response about cancelling and it was to try to retain me as a customer and still have no answers a month later.

  • David

    I think my choice is YOLOnet. They have been in the market for long time and I am totally happy with their truly unlimited service. There is no additional fee like any other compnaies which is my key. I would highly recomand YOLONET since I am only paying 49.99 for my 30 mbps internet. Their website is http://www.yolonet.ca